AKKA offers various soft- and hardware products, collectively referred to as PROVEtech Tool Suite.
The product portfolio is especially designed for measurement technology and validation purposes.
It is mainly used in the automotive sector, consumer electronics, as well as other industrial applications.

PROVEtech Toolsuite includes a variety of ready-to-use standard tools for vehicle testing and applications:

Control unit validation
  ● PROVEtech:TA – Test Automation
  ● PROVEtech:RE – Runtime Environment
  ● PROVEtech:µHiL – Hardware-In-The-Loop "compact"
  ● PROVEtech:RBS – Restbus Simulation
  ● UI:TestAId – KI-basierte HMI-Validierung
  ● AI-Core – KI-gestützte szenarienbasierte Validierung für ADAS und AV

Control unit data logging
  ● PROVEtech:VA – Vehicle Application

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