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Version 2020 SP2 (2020-April-6)

Module Type Description
General Feature Additional support for National Instruments VeriStand 2019 R3.
Support for PROVEtech:RBS message channel access on National Instruments VeriStand.
A2L parser accepts invalid blocks where mandatory parameters are prematurely cancelled by “/end”.
Added parameter “AddNodeNames” to section [DAL] of dSPACE model .cfg file to influence adding node names to signal paths.
Info When logging on remotely, a message box is no longer displayed if the Windows Visual Styles have changed.
Bugfix Loading xPC Target models did not work.
Workpage Bugfix In some cases the number control did not update the displayed signal value correctly.
Test Manager Bugfix Access rights dialog: Group names in combo box were listed multiple times.
Database Info The installation package contains PostgreSQL server V12.2 in the 64-bit variant.
Bugfix When fetching the test results of a test object, the 64-bit version aborted after 100,000 records instead of 2,000,000 records. This is a safety mechanism regarding working memory and the amount of data transferred.
Basic Editor Info WinWrap Basic V10.40.282
Automation Library/RTAE Bugfix Increased the timeout in the Automation Library for sending RTAE commands from 6 to 12 seconds.