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Version 2020 SP1 (2020-February-5)

Module Type Description
General Bugfix Running UI:TestAId in parallel to another model did not work.
Loading a model configuration with a hidden signal node that was also listed but empty in the referenced dSPACE .trc file possibly crashed.
Workpage Bugfix Adding signals to strip chart controls used red line color for the signals instead of unused colors in some cases.
The XY strip chart control crashed when removing a displayed measurement signal from the signal tree after stopping a data acquisition.
PROVEtech:TA possibly crashed when opening a data acquisition with an invalid .hdr file.
Synchronization of data acquisitions failed on multi-model dSPACE systems (using several .sdf files in parallel) when using "DeltaTimeForSync" and the time master was not the node with the slowest model step size.
Test Manager Bugfix Explorer tab: Sorting the date column crashed in the 64-bit version.
Creating a developer version could fail in case of a linked test object in the trash folder.
Result tab/Overview tab: Hotkey Ctrl+3 to set a test result validation status to "in process" did not work.
Test protocols: If an Internet Explorer error occurred while displaying a test protocol, PROVEtech:TA did not catch the exception and crashed.
Exporting very big test documents, protocols or attachments possibly crashed.
Remote Sequencer: The sequencer server Basic handler to add new sequencer items crashed.
Remote Sequencer: Test language and multi-threading possibly caused a crash.
Database Info PostgreSQL ODBC driver V12.01.0000
Basic Editor Info WinWrap Basic V10.40.274
MCD-3 D Diagnostics Bugfix Context menu could lead to a crash when a running script changed the data structure in parallel.
Setting the same LogicalLink after CodingDomains have been read could lead to a crash.