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2021 SE SP2 (25-Oktober-2021)

Module Type Description
General Bugfixes PROVEtech:TA crashed when switching the user while additional debug outputs were activated in the HIL Trace.
ModelCom on dSPACE SCALEXIO: Disabled Ethernet monitoring for dSPACE releases older than 2019-B as the necessary functions are missing there.
Test Manager Feature When clicking on "Update" in the "Documents" tab, there are now three file filters in the file dialog. When selecting a file with a different name or extension, a security note is now displayed in a message box.
Bugfixes Moving test objects was not possible if the "arManage" access right was present in the source object, but missing in the target object. However, "arManage" should only be relevant for projects, libraries and the root object.
"FixVersionsPath" in "TM.ini" did not work anymore in case it referenced a text item.
Importing .dbi.7z files on root level resulted in error messages.
Modifying link structures (e.g. "Break link") and then deleting the current developer version possibly lead to a database inconsistency.
The context menu entry "Link to..." was always disabled after drag&drop with the right mouse button.
The test result path was not determined correctly if the test result was from an older test version.
The test result path was not correctly resolved if the corresponding test object has already been deleted.
If PROVEtech:TA "admin" selected the trash folder in the Test Manager tree, the context menu item "Restore deleted test result" was disabled in rare cases.
The basic handler "Preprocess the next test object for execution" was already executed when the Execute tab was only displayed, provided that an element test object was selected in the Test Manager tree.
When exporting test protocols with post-processing activated, sub protocols were not handled correctly.
Protocol navigation in additional result window: Links to sub protocols did not work for the currently running test.
Database Bugfixes When running the database tests, SQL queries on system tables resulted in error messages.
It was not correctly detected whether SymmetricDS database replication is active.
Info PostgreSQL ODBC driver V13.02.0000
The installation package contains PostgreSQL server V14.0 in the 64-bit variant.
Basic Editor Info WinWrap Basic V10.50.069
Test Language Bugfixes TM.ClearCache crashed in rare cases in case of multiple parallel/sequential calls.